Free Brain Score

Conducted by Dr. Barry Decker via Zoom

What is a brain score?

In a quick 20-minute online meeting, you can use a cutting-edge tool to give you direct insight into your brain health.

How it works


Book a time via Zoom Complete your brain score


Complete your brain score online (20 min)


Discuss your results with Dr Barry


Is the brain score really free?
Yes the brain score online is free. It takes 20 minutes to complete via Zoom with Dr Barry Decker.


What happens after the Brain Score?
You will discuss your results with Dr Barry and pinpoint any potential health problems. You may be invited to book a detailed assessment in person at our location (fees apply). Your results are confidential and there’s no obligation to book a detailed assessment.

What is a detailed assessment?
We can conduct a non-invasive scan of your brain and nervous system at our location in Hong Kong to give you a complete score on how healthy your brain is. From here, chiropractic adjustments can be recommended, as well as brain training and coaching.


What is the assessment based on?
We assess using a tool called NeuroTracker. Over 50 research articles have shown NeuroTracker to be an accurate measure of brain function. You will get a score out of 100%, with 100% being optimal health.