The Three T’s of Stress

stress three T's

At The Chiropractic Centre, we help people identify the root cause of their stress. Oftentimes, a patient who has a sore neck is in that condition because their brain is in survival mode and their body is in defence mode. The root cause is the overload of stress into the brain and nervous system. Together, […]

Why we need rest for our mind and body

sleep and rest on the Brain

Our mind and body are deeply interconnected. Sleep plays a critical role in maintaining the connections between our neurological and musculoskeletal systems that influence our overall health and wellbeing. Rest, in its many forms, is often seen as a luxury or an afterthought in our fast-paced society. However, it’s a critical component of our health […]

Modern day stress and how to deal with it

stress brain

Stress is our body’s response to any demand or perceived threat. There are 4 main types of stress which our brain responds to. Whenever your brain perceives a threat, it gears your body up to enter “fight or flight” mode (survival mode), releasing a flood of chemicals and hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. This […]

The 4 types of stress and how your brain responds

Understanding the 4 types of stress and how our brain responds to stress Our brain is a complex organ, but with a simple task: keep us alive. To do that, it processes vast amounts of signals through the nervous system. Most of these signals are created by stress. The more signals, the more our brain […]

Setting Boundaries For Your Brain

Help Your Brain Adapt and Recover from Stress When it comes to stress, we talk a lot about the body and forget the brain. The brain controls our nervous system and is part of the nervous system itself. Setting mental boundaries is like creating a framework that helps you make good decisions repeatedly. Our daily […]