How is Brain-Based Chiropractic care different from general Chiropractic? This is a common question that gets asked at The Chiropractic Center. It’s a good place to start explaining how the brain and nervous system works.

The Brain coordinates EVERY function in your body

Your brain is the coordinator of all signals in your body. The most common signals that move between your body and brain (through the nervous system) are mechanical movement signals, such as walking. 

The primary function of the brain and the nervous system is to survive. It does this by perceiving the environment around it (via sensory nerves) and then determines what signals to send back to the body – such as to relax or ‘flight / fight’. 

How our brain respond to stress matters

There are two different modes to how our brain responds to stress. They are: 

Let’s look at these in mode detail:

Sympathetic Engagement (Survival Mode)

A fire alarm triggers a loud noise and flashing red lights.Your brain perceives that there is a danger and risk to survival. So what happens to your heartbeat and breathing? They rise to help you run from danger. Blood will also drain from non-vital areas in your body (hands and digestive organs) to the vital organs. This is another survival response of the body, as coordinated by the brain.

The survival mode is great when there’s a real fire to escape from. The problem is that the brain doesn’t know the difference between a fire, a fight with a spouse or running late to the airport. Because of this, our brain and body enters survival mode more than it should. The real danger presents when our brain is constantly in survival mode, it becomes overworked, fatigued and this is where our health suffers. This is the root cause of almost all health problems. This is why research shows that up to 90% of disease is influenced by stress!

Parasympathetic Dominance (Healing Mode)

This mode is the opposite to survival mode. When our brain perceives a safe environment, it can start to relax, digest and coordinate signals effectively. This is where our blood flows optimally, we experience restorative sleep and healing in our physical body. It’s in the healing mode that we truly thrive, instead of just surviving. 

Being in a relaxed (but still alert) state is where we live our best life. We can experience deep love, understanding, connection and joy – All the things that make life worth living. The healing mode is where true health and vitality begins. The more we can live in the healing mode state, the more health and wellbeing we can experience. It’s not an overnight thing either, it can take months or even years to build back health that has been lost from years of constant stress on the brain and body. 

Brain-Based Chiropractic moves you from survival to healing mode

Brain-based chiropractic assesses your brain and nervous system and its ability (or inability) to move from survival mode into healing mode, then develops a care plan to correct it. 

Research is very clear that chiropractic adjustments alter brain function. But more importantly, the right type of adjustment for your brain type is what leads to optimal health and performance. 

That’s why our brain-based chiropractic includes brain training and coaching, to introduce new neural pathways (good information) to the brain after an adjustment is made. This helps speed up the transformation of new mindsets that support the healing mode state. 

In the same way you build good habits around exercise and finances, we can teach our brain empowering habits to better respond to the modern life stress that we encounter on a daily basis. 

The better our brain can adapt and respond to stress – the more we can experience health and quality of life. 

What’s the process?

If you’re based in Hong Kong, you can call us on <> to schedule an appointment with our team. If you’re a new patient this is what to expect: 

1. Initial Consultation – The Health Breakthrough Evaluation 

Meet our doctor, get a quick tour of our facility and conduct a stress response evaluation of your brain and nervous system. This is a 12 minute non-invasive scan. We’ll also ask you questions about your health and wellbeing. You’ll then receive a detailed report on how your brain responds to the four types of stress. <link to blog>

2. Second Consultation – The Health Breakthrough Report 

Meet with our doctor to discuss your report and findings in detail and discover the root cause of your health problems. You’ll then discuss potential ways of correcting your brain to experience greater health and vitality. This includes our chiropractic care plan which starts with corrective care and then the wellbeing plan to manage ongoing stresses.  

3. Receive Ongoing Life-Enhancing Chiropractic Care

Regularly visit your chiropractor to receive adjustments, brain training and coaching, exercises / stretching to rehability joints and muscles, and the occasional brain scan to measure your progress. We’ll also make lifestyle recommendations to help you improve your mental and physical health. 

There are so many benefits now and ongoing when you work with a Brain-Based Chiropractor. 

Since 1895, Chiropractic care has been the study of what is health and what causes man to live. While medicine has been the study of disease and what causes man to die. 

With recent breakthroughs in neuro scanning technology, for the first time we can better understand how the brain interacts with the body and confirming why it’s more important than most think in our overall health. 

It’s for this reason many chiropractors around the world are moving towards brain-based chiropractic care. The Chiropractic Center in Hong Kong is a leader in the Asia Pacific region for brain-based Chiropractic.

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