Have a healthy brain so you can

Enjoy a healthier,
happier life

Brain-Based Chiropractor in Hong Kong.

Increase your energy

Improve your memory

Adapt better to stress

Modern day stress
is a silent killer

Stress overloads the nervous system and hurts your brain which impacts your entire body.

Feeling fatigued?

Pain in your body?

Struggle to sleep?

...These are symptoms of modern day life stress.

Over 90% of all disease is influenced by stress

High levels of stress doesn’t have to be the norm.

You can change your response to stress and

improve your health...

A healthy brain is the key to a healthy life

When you get your brain in a great state it can adapt and recover from stress.
You can use stress to thrive—not just survive.

Better memory and focus

Higher performance

Lower your risk of disease

Brain-Based Chiropractic


It works because it removes blocks in the nervous system
that limits your expression of health.

Here’s how we can help:


Brain & Nervous System


Chiropractic Adjustments


Brain Training
& Coaching

We've helped over 10,000 people adapt and recover
from stress through brain-based chiropractic care.

Meet the doctor

Barry F. Decker, DC

B. App, Sci (Chiro) | B. App. Sci (Chem, Phy. Sci) | DIp. NBCE (U.S.A)

Hi, I’m Barry Frederick Decker. Humanity is getting sick and dying through mis-information. I help people understand and optimise their health so that can live a long, happy and vibrant life.

How it works


Evaluate your brain
and spinal health

Meet our Chiro’s and test how well your brain responds to the 4 types of stress.


Receive brain-based
chiropractic care

Improve your brain through exercises, training and spinal adjustments.


Enjoy a healthier,
happier life

Start seeing positive changes in your health right away!



How to look & feel 10 years younger

Brain-Based Chiropractic Strategies to Overcome Modern Life Stress. Written by Dr Barry Decker. 

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